Monday, January 27, 2014

WHOEVER THOUGHT KETER WAS A GADFLY SHOULD RECONSIDER . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Gadfly . That is precisely what many , especially the Jubilants , took Nandi hills mp Alfred Keter to be after raising the red flag on the humongous standard gauge railway line scam . It is what they took him to be when he decried the lack of equity in state jobs distribution between TNA and URP , parties that morphed into Jubilee . In their customary haste to cry louder than the bereaved , the reknown trio of government apologists - Aden Duale , Kithure Kindiki and Murkomen Kipchumba - trashed the Mps claims , calling him names , belittling him on account of being a first timer , as if that was the yardstick by which knowledge and information was acquired . They termed this a scheme by CORD to destabilise the "able" and "visionary " leadership of the Uhuruto duo . In telling the truth , mr Keter, a jubilee mp , shamed the devil . Unthinking , servile loyalty to his party are not his stock in trade . When he appeared before the investigative parliamentary committee , he tabled irrefutable evidence that not even the thickest of the thick inside jubilee dared discount . And what better proof of this than the jejune about turn by the loquacious trio of shameless government apologists ? Yes , they gave their 'demigods' seven days to come clean or else . Suprise of suprises , they insinuated they knew the identity of two individuals who, through succesive governments , have orchestrated scams that have seriously depleted and nearly deleted government accounts . Aint they guilty of complicity by withholding vital information all these years ? Did they have to wait for Keter to let the cat out of the bag to wake them out of their lethargic stupor ? A couple of months down the line from the 2013 general election , through televised debates , senator Murkomen came through as a very sober mind , objective and fiery . His criticism of observable mistakes by Jubilee was welcome . But something happened . A summons to statehouse seems to have inhibited his thought process . Today , objectivity is now anathema to him . I can only guess why , and your guess is as good as mine . I cannot figure out mr Kithure but i believe he is trying to capitalise on a fluid situation to make some bucks , there is plenty in sight if he makes the right noises . As for Duale , even if i searched the whole advanced learners dictionary for words to describe him , none will aptly apply to him . I keep asking myself , do these leaders ever listen to themselves speak ? Are they the 'Ngiri' whose tales Raila often regales us with ? Do they have conscience ? Do they have the grey matter in proper quantities ? Do they understand what leadership entails ? Can they be trusted to lead us anywhere ? The team coalescing around the jubilee principals gives sycophancy a whole new meaning . It takes me back in time to the days of mkulima number 1 , muchezaji number 1 , kiongozi number 1 and all that nonsense . Can you forgive me for thinking the trio of Murkomen , Kithure and Duale are reincarnations of Ezekiel Barng'etuny , Mulu Mutisya and Nassir Sharriff ?

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