Sunday, January 26, 2014

CAUGHT BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE , WHAT SHOULD WILLIAM RUTO DO ? ..................................... After the supposed recent meeting between deputy president William Ruto and senator Moses Wetangula , speculation has been rife as to what transpired and the possible ramifications . A harmless post on social media from a lady who is a staunch supporter of Jubilee caught my attention through its inference that Wetangula was about to change sides , politically . Though said in jest , it drew some heated , yet interesting debate that i have been following since . There are three facets to this meet that i would like us to consider . 1 - The political marriage of convenience between Ruto and Kenyatta that bore Jubilee is bursting at the seams. Unfolding events , right from the ICC where , to all purposes and intents , Kenyatta has extracted himself leaving Ruto to hold the can , the stink from the standard gauge railway tender and the inhuman evictions from Embobut forest must have compelled william to view things from a different respective . When Raila sanctioned another eviction a while back , it precipitated a fall out between him and Ruto , with the latter being so intense and passionate about 'his' people . Now that he is deputy president , did they cease to be his , what changed ? Slowly but surely , fellow legislators from the larger rift valley have been throwing barbs , alienating Ruto and i believe he has finally taken note . The hustler in him urges him to seek political survival by sending out feelers . The tyranny of numbers might work a second time in favour of Uhuru if Jubilee holds . What happens after that ? Wont Ruto want to be president and will the kikuyu support him ? Something tells me they will not . You can add acid to water but if you tried the reverse , you will get burned . 2 - Jubilee has a stiff neck from constantly looking over the shoulder to see what Cord is up to . It is about time that itch got massaged to allow it to plod on . It has to either appease Cord or pulverize it . How do they attempt that and what are the chances of success ? 3 - At a public rally recently , Raila opined that Jubilee was handicapped in matters of governance and Cord was going to show them a thing or two . I found that to be curious and wondered how he was going to actualise the veiled threat . Is Cord trying to woe Ruto to their side by any and all means ? Will they resort to propaganda , blackmail or plain common sense to effect their plans ? Can such plans succeed ? The common denominator in both scenarios is Ruto , a man caught between a rock and a hard place . He has to do something . Your views ?

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