Saturday, January 25, 2014

I SUPPORT THE REDUCTION OF COUNTIES TO CUT DOWN ON BUREAUCRACY : ...................................... After my letter to the standard ; ~ a motion by Mwingi Mp , Joe Mutambo to reduce the number of counties vindicates me . M/s Chesoni Atsango is an irrelevance we can do without and she should keep her mouth shut . I dont buy her tired observation that reducing counties is an infringement on citizen rights . Which rights are these ? 'Citizen participation ' in governance is a cheap lie that nobody buys because we dont . The reasons we are having riots and demonstrations across counties is because citizens are not consulted and their participation is not sought . We are expected to follow prompts and orders with the mechanical loyalty of robots , which we are not . Irritants like senators Murk Omen Kipchumba and Kithure Kindiki should spare us the din and let those with intellectual depth discuss the issue soberly . It is not because they really believe in devolution that they are so vociferous in their opposition to the bill but rather , pecuniary considerations and megalomania take the vanguard positions . Devolution , if what we see of it today is anything to go by , will ultimately be a very serious liability to the commoner . Mr Mutambo's arguements in favour of county reduction are based on reason , not the sentimentality exhibited by oppositionist government apologists . The amount of money required to just pay salaries to the many office holders under the county government structure is stupendous . A year down the line , counties , which mr Mutambo argues should be called states , are so stuck in quagmire it will take another four wasted years to point them in the right direction , if ever . These tribal cocoons should be expeditiously dismantled than wait for later . So far , James Orengo is the only senator who has exhibited sobriety even after taking cognizance of the fact that he could become a casualty if the bill goes through .

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