Wednesday, January 29, 2014

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED , GOVERNOR OPARANYA . ........................................ A stone throw away from the kakamega county governors office , a brewing storm between billionare owner of the Yako group of companies and Kakamega primary school over ownership of a piece of land is a litmus test for the governor who must act expeditiously to contain it and allay fears of his complicity in the conspiracy to defraud . Corruption at both the council level and the lands ministry must have allowed mr Khetia to acquire a title deed to the piece of land which has been owned by kakamega primary school for years . The asian tycoon owns up to having come to kenya only twenty years ago , decades after the school was established . Acting in defiance of a court order that had temporarily stopped any development on the land in dispute pending determination , the tycoon has the audacity to resume construction of what many claim is a morgue . Common sense dictates that such an undertaking cannot be adjacent to a learning institution . Kakamega primary school is a government institution that must be protected from greedy individuals who use their wealth as licence to grab and walk away scot free . The governor is the custodian of all government owned land and institutions within the county and he must come out forcefully to defend them . From the national lands commission , there exists two letters , one dated 28/6/2013 affirmating that the land in question rightfully belongs to kakamega primary school . Another one dated 6/1/2014 gives ownership to Mr Khetia . Such obvious corruption gives rise to unnecessary friction , exposing children as young as five years to risks and dangers when they innocently take to the streets , daring trigger happy policemen . A hastily convened parents meeting favoured precipitate confrontational action . It was unanimous in its observation that having futilely chased justice for years , that justice will not come from the courts which have been perceived to be partial . Unless this conflict is conclusively laid to rest , it is a recipe for serious trouble and jeopardizes the safety of school children . It has already put politicians on a collision path , setting up a stage for political incitement to violence . It was senator Khalwale's intervention that occasioned the injunction freezing any developmental works on the piece of land . It is imperative that as county principals , the senator and governor come together to solve this matter once and for all .

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