Sunday, December 29, 2013

WHO IS FOOLING WHO HERE ? APPOINTEES LACK LEGITIMACY ............................................. Deputy president William Rutos defence of Francis Muthaura as the new head of the LAPSSET project was pathetic . His usage of the swahili saying "pilipili usio ila yakuwashiani " was not only out of context , it marked him as a person averse to criticism , someone who believes in authoritarianism . Coming only days after the president publicly averred his choices and deeds were above reproach , and judging by the way he praises his boss , it has reached a point where if the president said the sun rises from the south , Ruto will swear it is true . Leaders should not make a spectacle of themselves in public by using proverbs and sayings they do not fully comprehend . The swahili saying that mr Ruto latched onto is only applicable where purely personal matters are concerned . Does the deputy president need reminding that the LAPSSET project in neither his nor the presidents personal domain ? It is a larger kenyan affair and they must therefore adapt our wishes . Muthaura is a "pilipili" that is burning our tongues , choking us and stinging our eyes to soreness , we must complain . The chorus of rejection of ambassador Muthaura cannot be ignored for it robs him of any shred of legitimacy . He has been rejected by the very same people he is meant to serve and work with . Even the most dyed in the wool Jubilee government apologists are begining to question the presidents style and ability to govern fairly and soberly . Mr Rutos own backyard is on fire and if the duo pretends everything is fine and it is business as usual , we are not faring any better than Zimbabwe , Congo , CAR or even South Sudan , enough cause for worry . It is insensitive of the deputy president to defend job offers to near senile people who , according to him should work 'once a month or twice every three months ' . Would this justify the huge salaries and perks they enjoy when there are more energetic and highly educated kenyans ready to make ours a twenty four hour economy , and even work for less money ? Unless they are out to destroy this country , it should worry the Uhuruto duo that a recent survey showed they have performed dismally in their eight months in office . The common man has nothing to smile about and look forward to . He must contend with misery every day . There ought to be a paradigm shift in the way things are perceived and done in this supposedly digital generation . Over reliance on the analogue system will slow down everything. And in case the Uhuruto duo forgets , we , not them , have the power to decide whether they continue in office or not .

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