Monday, December 30, 2013

CAN RUTO AMOUNT TO ANYTHING BIGGER THAN WHAT HE GOT FROM THE JOY RIDE IN 2013 ? .............................................. Had the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga wanted to , he could have become Kenya's first black prime minister . When the colonialists settled on handing him the premiership , he declined , contending that Kenya was not free unless Jomo Kenyatta was freed from prison . On kenyatta's release , Jaramogi voluntarily relinquished the party chairmanship to him . In his own right , Jaramogi became Kenya's first king maker . The tragedy of this noble gesture is that his selflessness and patriotism became a curse to subsequent kingmakers todate . The king he helped make became his greatest tormentor . In 1978 we had another king maker in the then all powerful attorney general , mr Charles Mugane Njonjo . Against all odds , he backed Moi and made him king but thereafter , all was not rosy between them . King Moi surrounded himself with his kinsmen to the exclusion of everybody else thus formented gradual rebellion that not only led to the repeal of section C 2(a) of the then constitution but saw the rise of the third king maker in Raila Amollo Odinga . With his famous 2002 declaration 'Kibaki tosha ' , Kibaki became king . In keeping with the tradition of those before him , king Kibaki immediately turned his back on Raila and their relationship became cold over the ensuing years . Come 2007, the democratic space Raila had helped create allowed him to challenge Kibaki for the presidency , the outcome of which was bloodshed . Even though Raila vehemently disputed the election outcome , he swallowed his pride and settled for half the share of the spoils out of selflessness , just like his father before him . Kibaki's inner circle worked tirelessly to cast Raila into irrelevance and make sure he did not himself become king . From the ashes of 2007 , William Ruto , untill then a staunch ally of Raila , started getting restless and broke ranks with the premier because of unfulfilled promises . The ICC cloud hanging over Rutos head compelled him to form an alliance with Uhuru Kenyatta , his co accused , eventually leading him into being the fourth king maker . The tyranny of numbers between the kikuyu and Kalenjin tribes , more than anything , propelled Uhuru to statehouse with Ruto enjoying the ride . Eight months down the line , Ruto has started feeling the heat all king makers before him felt . The very ills that made him quit ODM have followed him to the Jubilee alliance and it will be interesting to see if he will quit in a huff or stay put . It was to be "nusu mkate " for both TNA and URP but the former seems to be taking a bite from the other's half , something that does not go down well with the latters tribesmen . His kinsmen are relentless in demanding their equal share of government goodies and have lit a fire under him he cannot ignore . Meanwhile , all indications are that he is becoming a ceremonial deputy president , accompanying the president everywhere , singing his praises and doing pretty little as the presidents inner cabal tightens its hold on him . To survive and keep his plum job , Ruto must dance to Uhurus tune . With all these going on , it is utopic thinking that Kenyatta will automatically lead for ten years and hand the baton to Ruto . Incase the power crazed duo forget , kenya is a democracy , not a monarchy and like all the king makers before him , Ruto will most likely not amount to anything higher than the deputy presidency of this cursed country .

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