Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AFRICA'S MEGALOMANIACS SHOULD ALLOW US SOME PEACE . .............................................. In despite of an abundance of examples to learn from , president Salva Kiir of South Sudan stirred a hornets nest by sacking his vice president and the entire cabinet , an affirmation that power corrupts and distorts perception . Instead of unifying a country full of ethnic connotations and working on improving the economy of his oil rich country , president Salva Kir became selfish and intolerant , the African story . It turns out that ideological and ethnic differences between two former warlords are plunging a young and promising nation into a futile war , suffocating its economy , threatening peace not only in South Sudan , but the region as a whole . Tribalism is demonstrating once more how devastating it can be if allowed to run free . Seemingly , the 1963 Tutsi - Hutu ethnic cleansing and 1994 genocide in Rwanda did not impress upon our people the need for mutual recognition and acceptance of each other . The 2008 post election violence that has caused Kenya So much heartache appears abstract to the feuding Dinka and Nuer leaders in South Sudan . Even though they took sides , it is encouraging that regional leaders have taken steps by calling an IGAD meeting in Nairobi to ensure the situation does not detereorate beyond the point the hostilities have reached . Already , the death toll from this war is too high with the possibility of citizens fleeing their country . Kenya cannot afford an influx of refugees at a time when the governmment is in the process of clossing down refugee camps in Kakuma for security reasons . Our fragile economy cannot take on that extra burden now . The near stoppage in oil production has seen the price of crude drastically go up and Sudan threatening to invade the South to protect oil supply . Mediation efforts must impress upon Dr Machar and other megalomaniacs the stupidity and futility of invoking the tribal factor to mess up a country and its people just to ascend to the presidency since the cycle of violence will continue . It must be stressed that coups are out of vogue , having been replaced by constitutions that should be used to address our grievances . The antagonists must be reminded that no coup in Africa ever improved the welfare of the people concerned . Though power sharing may temporarily assuage bruised egos , it will serve no other purpose as the Kenyan and Zimbabwean cases prove . The bible reminds us that those who take up power at the point of the gun will die at the point of a gun . That being so , why subject our beautiful people and continent to perpetual wars .

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