Saturday, December 28, 2013

AND THIS IS WHAT WE CALL DIGITAL LEADERSHIP ? The lad at statehouse is giving us enough rope to hang him with . He is a born fumbler . If i said there was no matter in that knob he calls a head , would i be wrong ? Such was the idiocy that landed south sudan in trouble and i believe he was there recently trying to arbitrate and taking sides all in one breath . What value can a senile analogue Muthaura add to a thoroughly confused and rudderless digital whirlwind ? And why is Uhuru so interested in the clitoris ? Perhaps he should set up another board to ensure no penis in kenya has a sheath and hand it over to Makwere . Yes , why is Makwere not being rewarded for having shouted himself hoarse praising Jubilee ? He was used to disparage Raila at every turn , surely he needs a reward , no ? Alfred Keter was and is right , Ruto is soo blind he is being led to the abbattoir he cant see . He is so mesmerised with the empty title Deputy president he is willing to lick ass , what a shame ! Ruto has been reduced to following and singing the praises of Uhuru everywhere . Where are his balls now ? Naumia kuwa mkenya wenzangu .

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