Monday, January 20, 2014

THE AU MUST SAVE SOUTH SUDAN AT WHATEVER COST . ...................................... Most times i dont agree with president Museveni of Uganda but there are times that his weird style comes in handy . How can one man , leading a group of social misfits and delinquents hold a country , and by extension , Africa to ransom ? The gloves must come off , knuckles must be bared to allow a couple of jaw bones be dislocated . Dr Machar's skull is begging to be smashed and common sense pushed in . He is an animal devoid of conscience . It pains me to call Machar ' Dr ' because he does not know the first thing about being a doctor - which is protecting and saving lives. Ofcourse , his academic specialisation might not be in the field of medicine , its just a doctorate on paper in some obscure field or is it ? Now , do we have to prick the testicles of the AU with something sharp to make it mad enough to act ? Do we have to burn their offices in Addis ababa to smoke them out ? Is the AU so detached it is waiting for someone to pump a president full of lead for it to wake out of its drunken lethargic stupor ? Why should we be bound by the niceties of international rules on engagement as rebels roast fellow human beings and enjoy the spectacle ? Why not dispense with the nonsense of statutes and capture Machar to end human suffering in South Sudan ? When Saddam became a thorn in the flesh , the yanks just walked into Iraq and yanked him out , permanently . International laws did not stop the yanks from getting Osama out too . Britain roughly walked into the Falklands islands and demanded respect and obedience . Pearl harbour ended an unnecessary war. When Hitler became too much of a nuisance , someone dipped him in sulfuric acid . Nyerere ejected Amin to die in ignominy somewhere in the Arab world . Ditto Mobutu of Zaire . A friend in need is a friend in deed . South Sudan needs the AU now more than ever . We shall judge it kindly if , while dispensing with international laws of engagement , it walks into South Sudan to end human suffering . If those laws bind it to doing nothing , we shall judge it harshly . Dr Machar is more usefull dead than alive . I abhor violence , i dont support intentional murder but even God had to burn sodom and destroy humanity saving only Noah and a few animals to start afresh .

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