Saturday, January 18, 2014

PREACH PEACE , NOT HATRED AND TRIBALISM FOR WE ARE ONE . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx There are people from the luhya tribe on social media spewing venomous statements against Raila and ODM , blaming him for their own shortcomings . For starters , NO LUHYA leader , as alleged by some , is under the 'shadow' or undue influence from Raila . Secondly , i dont understand this rabid obsessive fascination with a luhya presidency . It will not add value to your life nor mine , ask the ordinary kalenjin and kikuyu . Often , the only beneficiaries are close friends and family . Need we look further than the discontent in the rift valley spearheaded by Keter ? Prestige alone has never fattened anybodys bank account and i can assure the rabble rousers that they will still have to toil and do what they do to earn a living . Thirdly , the problems facing the luhyas lie with themselves , not Raila , not ODM . The luhya leaders we look to cannot stand the sight of each other , have serious ideological differences and subscribe to cultural differences and beliefs that despice fellow tribesmen ~ (eg bukusu/maragoli , idakho /isukha , wanga/bukusu etc ). To illustrate my point on disunity , how many of our elected leaders were at Wetangula's homecoming ? What lessons do we draw from that ? A divided house will never stand . Raila started packaging himself in the 80's , it was not , and has not been easy to acquire his imposing stature . Who among the luhya leaders that we have today has the pull , the will , charisma and personality of Raila ? Who amongst them has built his name and followership over a similar period of time ? Longevity in politics cannot be discounted as a factor in the scramble for the presidency . They say charity begins at home but for us luhyas , the reverse is true . And remember that even if all luhyas voted to a man for their own , without support from the luo's , the kalenjins , kikuyus , kambas and others , it will be a futile effort , like adding a cup of water to a river and expecting it to raise the volume of water . Kenyatta was smart enough to realise his people alone could not take him anywhere so he courted the kalenjins and a few others to shore up the numbers . Tyranny of numbers is not just a clique , its a reality . Nevertheless , no single tribe has the numbers hence the need for unity and political courtship across the board . Tribalism and hate can only take us backwards , never forward .Please let us be objective and desist from derogatory references to others . We must accept our own shortcomings without scapegoating and move on from there . We can argue out our different opinions soberly and reach an agreement - either you win me over or i do .

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