Monday, December 9, 2013

YOU CANT KEEP ON BLAMING CORD FOR ALL YOUR FAILINGS MR DP ; Characteristic of all political marriages pierced together for political expediency , the TNA , URP marriage of convenience was bound to implode at some point . The implosion is bound to happen any time . The signs are up on the wall . The grumblings are getting louder as ridiculous expectations are not met . The euphoria of winning is slowly but surely fizzling out as the magnitude and reality of the daunting tasks of nation building stare the victors down . There is no plus on Jubilees score card . They have straight E 's in all subjects .The stings of the flee are driving the government to distraction , giving it sleepless nights and pretty little time to do anything else but scratch . It leaves mr william Ruto agonizing and Uhuru prodding him to do something . Isnt he the DP ? He must take some heat ! Because he has no solution to our problems , he is hitting out blindly . In his blurred vision , the only visible thing is CORD . Someone please tell William Ruto , aka Bill Machozi that Jubilee exists in name only . Someone tell him to salvage what little credibility he has by refraining from blaming CORD for all his and Jubilees misfirings . Where is prof Kaimenyi ? Teachers proved too good for him . Where is Anima Mohammed , she who thought foreign affairs was about boarding planes and showing her face at international conferrences ? And what about Ole Lenku ? He has discovered there exists a world of difference between burning onions and banning criminals in Kenya . He must be having sweaty palms and sweats everytime a balloon goes off near him . They offer enough case studies - 1- That brains triumph over brawn . 2- That dialogue is superior to monologue . 3- Never bite more than you can chew , its a recipe to choking . 4- That you do not impose ideas , you share them . When will our tuppeny politicians ever learn anything ? Beats me !

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