Monday, December 9, 2013

THE PROBLEM IS THE EXECUTIVE AND THE POLITICAL CLASS , MR DEPUTY PRESIDENT ; Its amazing that deputy president William Ruto , he who looked us in the eye early this year and pledged the creation of one million jobs yearly , the self proclaimed hustler who promised us the price of flour will come down to sixty shillings a packet and guaranteed total security for each Kenyan is now intent on creating more miserable hustlers . Fiscal discipline is a prerequisite for the prudent management of a countrys socio-political and economic affairs . There is nothing wrong with the government cutting down on expenditure when compelling needs arise but in this case , its a desperate attempt to sustain a bloated government that , in choosing to appease apologists and supporters , bit more than it could chew . Is the Jubilee government an anachronism , a digital leadership that is chronically analogue ? If the deputy president doesnt comprehend the genesis of his governments economic miseries , is he worth his weight in salt ? Laying off a lowly placed civil servant or cutting down on the salary of a worker who walks to work from Kawangware to Industrial area every single day and pays taxes is an act of bestiality . It is not out of choice , but desperation that he walks that distance to and from work daily . This countrys problems lie in a bloated executive , an avaricious parliament , greedy unproductive country representatives , cosmetic women reps , superfluous commissions , a lethargic judiciary and an equally superfluous senate . How can the truth , justice and reconciliation commission justify the billions of tax payers money spent on it all these years ? What is the work of the Constitutional implementation committee vis a vis that of the supreme court as far as implementation and interpretation of the constitution is concerned ? Are the billions spent on this commission in terms of salaries and operational expenses not enough to finance a more worthy cause? Contrasted against the LSK , the judicial service commission is nothing but a worthless Suppurating appendage in dire need of surgical removal . The political composition of this country looks like a lit up christmas tree , too many coloured bulbs serving no purpose other than emit light . President , deputy president , cabinet secretaries , principal secretaries , senators , governors , county reps , women reps , minority leaders , chiefs , county commissioners and too many deputies in between . These are too many people doing too little and earning too much . How many lowly and middle placed civil servants earn one million shillings monthly , get monthly mileage allowances , have medical covers , are given five million shillings car grants , get subsidized fuelling and twenty million shillings interest free loans to purchase homes while living in government houses ? How many low cadre civil servants drive around in government cars doing nothing but chase after women and indulge their foibles during office hours ? Mr deputy president , the problem is not the civil servant and his measly pay , its with the executive and the political class . If you must purge and sanitise , it must start at the very top . By working your way from the head downwards , this country will be well , healthy and breathing easy by the time you reach the chest . Good luck sir , you will need it .

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