Monday, February 24, 2014

NO SIR , YOU CAN KEEP THE DOLLARS , MR OBAMA . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx America is the undisputed embodiment of all that is evil . It so abounds on its land that the authorities wish to export it to Africa , their preferred traditional dumping ground . From DDT , orchestrated civil strife , forced regime changes , substandard merchandise to nuclear waste , Africa is the answer to their problems and experiments . Today , a person no less than the president of America , wants us to either embrace gayism or kiss their dollars goodbye . Kudos to the presidents of Nigeria , Mali , Zimbabwe and Uganda for upholding the principals of morality and refusing to base their values on the strength and allure of the dollar . God created man in his own image and gave us a set of rules to follow . Sodomy and lesbianism are anathema . Blind acceptance of corrupted Western values has so eroded our version of morality we have been transported back in time to the era of zinjanthropus . If the birds of the air and animals of the wild get attracted to the opposite sex , why shouldnt man ? All the precious things in the world , silver, gold , gas and diamonds are hidden deep down under , not easy to find. Wonders of nature are found in the deep seas away from prying eyes . Our precious hearts and brains are all hidden in tough places , out of sight . The human body is much more precious , it is Gods temple , why make it cheap by decadently exposing it for all and sundry to ogle ? Those that look at president Musevenis action after signing the anti gay and pornography bills abstractly will miss the essence and accuse him of infringement on individual freedoms . Let us contextualise the issue and in the place of that anonymous half naked woman on the streets , put either your mom , wife , daughter or sister . Will your perception remain the same ? Gods wrath for mankinds disobedience and insolence is manifest in the biblical accounts of the tower of Babel , Noah and the ark , Sodom and Gomorah and the time Jesus got so worked up he literally threw merchants trading out of a church . The Arab world , steeped in Sharia laws , has higher moral standards than anybody else and America would not dare try their simplistic approach to morality there . What we should be asking ourselves is , does it pain to be decent ?

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