Tuesday, February 18, 2014

HELP !! WHERE IS THE CHURCH NOW THAT ACTIVISTS ARE RETIRING ? ; ........................................ We all saw the police cars , they did not appear over used . The ambulances and the fire engines are there too . In this years CECAFA challenge cup , we witnessed the Machakos stadium , though muddy , host a match . The Machakos recreational park is a reality . The roads in the once dusty town are being recarpeted afresh to the delight of residents . We thought all was well and applauded loudly . And then the auditor generals report comes in and spoils the party for everybody except one Mr Muthama , who must be grinning from ear to ear . Is it humanly possible to prepare soup , get the ingredients in the right proportions without tasting ? Who among the vociferous Senators is clean that we should allow him to throw the first stone at Dr Mutua and the other governors , for that matter ? Is impeachment and witch hunting the magical solutions to embedded corruption ? In this country , corruption is a virtue . The half hearted approach to fighting it will never win the war . Why not just legalise corruption alongside gayism and lesbianism ? Now , as a good friend of mine observed , everybody with the title Governor is under siege , starting with the central bank governor and the county governors , who is going to be next in the cross hairs? Someone help me here . From president to county reps , has anyone , in the one year jubilee has been in leadership , been allowed to execute their mandate in peace ? Have the judges and magistrates been allowed time to practise their trade in peace ? Before we know it , five years will be over with nothing but mindless squabbles to show for it . The cycle of regrets and recriminations will kick in for the uptenth time . For every step forward , this great nation will have made two backwards . It is about time the church stepped in and restored some sanity in this lunatic asylum called Kenya . It has been standing on the fringes for far much too long that it is loosing relevance . An institution once reverred is watching helplessly as politicians strangle development at every turn . Politicians have all proved to be lunatics , enjoying an exhilirating ride on the lunatic express that leads to nowhere . They are lost within themselves , oblivious of the surroundings . Funny , the activists are now 'retiring' , leaving the church to be the sole peoples watchman .

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