Saturday, February 15, 2014

GOVERNOR WAMBORAS IMPEACHMENT WILL OPEN A PANDORAS BOX ........................................... For having impeached Embu governor mr Wambora , Kenyan senators must be feeling very proud of themselves . They have been earnestly seeking relevance and finally the impeachment gives them a footing . In the supremacy wars , they have cowed governors and left the national parliaments ego bruised . At this nascent stage of devolution when everybody is groping in the dark , it suffices to just make lots of scary noises to put people in line . Going a step further to remove a first line governor from office will open a pandoras box and the precedent set is a dangerous one . The Lancaster house constitution might be on its way back . Without fear of contradiction , am categorical that not a single governor is innocent of the charges levied against mr Wambora . Do we sack them all ? While the senate was deliberating on mr Wamboras fate , a visiting Columbia university professor , mr Mohammed Mamdani was giving a lecture on the fact that courts cannot dare overturn a presidential election for fear of upsetting the system. This is something we all know but are timid to acknowledge . There is a parallel between the presidency and governorship . Governors are the lesser president in their respective counties and there should be unwritten laws , in judicial parlance , that protect them except in very extreme cases like blatant abuse of office and mental health . Breaching the public finance and procurement acts , not theft , was the basis for sacking mr Wambora . Procurement in this country has never been above board . Processes involving tendering have been the most corrupt , the lastest being the standard gauge railway line tender and the primary schools laptop project . How many people have been brought to book over them ? Or perhaps these are special cases , the untouchables alongside Triton , Goldenburg and Anglo leasing ? The thresholds for the presidency and governorship are at par . Allowing quarrelsome members of county assemblies who , for decades have rivaled deranged football holigans in throwing chairs and all manner of missiles at each other as a result of mental handicaps to impeach governors is exposing devolution and governors to open blackmail . A good number of the MCA's are semi-literate , highly sentimental and ideologically challenged . Their intellectual depth is seriously wanting . Governors will now have to switch to survival mode by dancing to the tune of the MCA's . These fellows should never have been given powers to initiate the impeachment of governors . I must congratulate senators Gideon Moi and Lenny Kivuti for seeing beyond their noses and refusing to be part of the myopic lynch mob . Now that senator Dr Bonny Khalwales professional training has taken over , perhaps he should come to the aid of the president , his deputy , embattled governors , clueless senators and befuddled MCA's by sacking them all to alleviate the financial burden of treating ulcers and high blood pressure triggered by the mere act of holding office. With everybody , including foreign envoys , Bensouda and the opposition taking a poke at the president and his deputy , they all must be having very high blood pressure and more ulcers than are good for their health . The good doctor should watch where he is going lest he trips somewhere along the line .

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