Saturday, January 11, 2014

THE POLICE MUST COME OUT CLEAN ON THE WETANGULA ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I listened to the official police statement on the attempted assassination of Senator Moses Wetangula in amazement . That the senators car hit a billboard and produced a sound which his bodyguard identified as gunshots is far fetched . The absence of cartridges at the scene of crime does not preclude a shooting . If as the police contend there was a loose pipe that hit the car , it would have left a long tear in one location on the body , not holes . There has been no mention of the senator's driver either loosing control of the vehicle at any point or being drunk . All these presupposes there is something we are not being let in on . Assuming some people in government wanted to kill the senator , the police being an arm of that government will be used to destroy or hide evidence . How do we know if spent cartridges were found and made to disappear ? Who else but the police have attempted investigation ? The average height of a standard car is about five feet and six feet for the high riders . To have hit a billboard presupposes the board was hanging lower than six feet from the ground . Is that plausible ? How come only the senators car hit the board on such a busy road ? And how possible is it to have hit a single hanging pipe and had holes and scratches on the roof and sides of the car ? There has not been mention of either 'careless driving' on the part of the senators driver and 'endangering lives' or indication he lost control of the vehicle and hit the supports of a bill board . Ordinarily , the supports of a bill board running across the road should be six feet from the edge of the road . Did the senators car veer off the road to hit either of the supports ? It would take courage , moral upttitude and an exceptionally clean conscience for any one within the top echelons of the police to challenge the goverment that employs them unless they felt suicidal . Statements coming from police headquarters that are easily challenged do not inspire much confidence in their ability to be impartial in cases with political connotations . Previous political murders in Kenya remain unresolved decades later , further questioning the role of the police . I do not see any reason why senator Moses Wetangula would want to fake an attempt on his life given that he is not known to be a sensationalist . Why would he seek public sympathy now ? The government , in the face of the political acrimony existing between it and the opposition , must come out clean and conclusively resolve this issue . It may seem petty but it is denting its image .

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