Friday, December 20, 2013

WHAT HAPPENED TO STATESMANSHIP ? ; I listened to the president and his deputy alternately address residents of the rift valley and wondered what had happened to statesmanship . Every time i hear the deputy president ramble , i find his attitude to be condescending . In churches and at public rallies he exalts the name of God , talks about peace , reconciliation and forgiveness yet every reference he makes to our indefatigable former prime minister is often derogatory . Isnt it dishonest to preach water and drink wine instead ? If those chosen to lead and heal our wounds can exhibit such public loathing of their political opponents , what will unify the common man and persuade him to shun tribalism? Dissent is part and parcel of any political dispensation . The ability to use dissent positively to build a stronger party is what distinguishes born leaders from despotic rulers . Denying rifts in the Jubilee coalition is living a lie . The mere act of the president and his deputy putting up a public show of unity , burying their heads in sand and denying undercurrents within the coalition will not alter the truth . Most coalitions are built up on the promise of goodies , which more often than not , nobody is keen to honour fully . For the head of state to hasten to appease his coalition partners in the rift valley twice in the space of two months under the guise of thanking them for voting for him sends mixed signals . Didnt other Kenyans vote for the Uhuruto duo and are they not deserving of thanks too ? It is not a secret that the composition of government , and parastatal chiefs reads like a list of who is who in Central Kenya and the Rift Valley , areas that are predominantly Jubilee . How then do we claim to fight tribalism and nepotism ? The presidents contention that nobody has the right to tell him who to appoint and whom to sack behoves of totalitarianism . It is an assertion that his actions and deeds are sacrosanct . The discontent in the Rift valley is likely to have a ripple effect in other areas that feel maligned . One can count the areas outside Rift Valley and Central to which the president and his deputy have gone to thank voters on the fingers of one hand . Are these areas so inconsequential that only 2017 will revive their appeal to those in authority ? Only God knows about tomorow . Talk of a 20 years rule by Uhuruto is a mirage , a phantom . KANU promised it would rule for 100 yrs , it exited in ignominy .

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